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It’s been a very long time coming, I know, but new versions of IMD and TOPO are finally here. Lots of new capabilities in IMD especially, including aperiodic multilayers, layer-thickness optimization, genetic algorithms for fitting and optimization, and new tools for analysis and visualization of IMD simulations and measured data sets.


IMD and TOPO both require manual installation. Please read and follow the Installation Guides below to get these packages installed and running properly on your computer. The IMD and TOPO download files (links below) already include the documentation files IMD.pdf and TOPO.pdf, respectively. For your convenience, those PDF documents are also accessible directly from this page, via the ‘Documentation’ links.


David Windt, October 2013



Join the IMD & TOPO Google Group for discussion and announcements of future releases.


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IMDModeling and Analysis of Multilayer Films

Version 5.04, 7-Apr-2015

Installation Guide (aka Chapter 1 of IMD.pdf)

Download (imd_5.04.tar.gz)

Documentation (IMD.pdf)

Reference: IMD - Software for modeling the optical properties of multilayer films, D. L. Windt, Computers in Physics, 12, 360 (1998)


Surface Topography Analysis

Version 2.2, 7-Oct-2013

Installation Guide (aka Chapter 1 of TOPO.pdf)

Download (topo_2.2.tar.gz)

Documentation (TOPO.pdf)


windt library
Miscellaneous IDL Routines (IDL source code)


Download (windt_20130905.tar.gz)

Documentation (windt.pdf)


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